About Us

About Pure Energy Systems

Our basic philosophy has always been simple: to put our customers first, to make the best use of available technology, and to keep costs for our customers as low as possible. Our strategy has been to maintain quality service and support for our clients, not necessarily to grow to be the biggest or most recognized provider. To this end, all of our services are priced to be affordable, yet sustainable from a business perspective. We don't offer "pie in the sky" deals, just quality deals that can be maintained and backed with quality support when it's needed.

About our website

The new Pure Energy Systems website is a complete customer management and business automation system based on the Drupal Content Management System. The site utilizes Drupal 6 as a base foundation, with numerous community contributed modules added in where they filled a need for us (Pathauto, Frequently Asked Questions, Captcha, etc)

On top of this basic environment, we are designing and coding a number of our own in-house modules to handle our specific needs (cPanel interfaces, client management, trouble ticket system, billing, encryption routines, affiliate system, monitoring system, etc).

The first phase of deployment is to replicate the existing functionality of our old website/management system, then expand forward from there. As upgrades/enhancements are added to the site, details will be made available via the PureBlog.