Client Reviews

Full Bodied Client Reviews

The client review portion of our new website is still being developed. Eventually we want to provide a quick and easy way for current clients to express their feelings and experiences with us; A list of reviews will appear here once this section is complete.

Client Reviews from Other Sites

The following reviews were pulled together from other review websites around the net. (Mostly from HostingAssured, a quality assurance program we used to take part and refer clients to when they wanted to make a review in the past). We have not edited or altered these comments in any way, other then putting them in italics.

I shopped around quite a bit before selecting Pure Energy Systems. I asked a lot of very technical questions to a number of providers to help select one. I was impressed with the speed and completeness of the responses from Pure Energy.

I have been with them for about 2 years now with 2 domain accounts. The experience has been a great one. Their tech support always responds quickly and completely to my problems even when it is a case of "user error". Even when I accidently deleted my entire filesystem (yeah, very stupid, I know) I sent in an email and they had my site restored from the backup almost immediately.

Then you throw in the very competitive pricing and you couldn't pay me to change providers. I've found a home.

Fast, friendly, responsive, and totally savvy. The guys at Pure Energy have definitely impressed me. I stand by their good work 100%.

I would tell anyone to come here. The only reason i am leaving is because i need more space and that is something they just dont' offer yet. but in the futer i think they will and if they do i will be back as for them on my hosting needs. thank you pure energy

The few problems I have encounted were user error and the technical support from Pure Energy Systems was very prompt, and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend the service.

The customer support is very good. I'm actually shocked by how responsive and helpful this hosting service is - and they are very friendly people. I finally needed to change hosting services because I need more tools than the currently have available, at a price that is feasible. Too bad isn't better marketed so that they could offer more, for a little less. But, all in all they are very reliable and I've had a good experience with this company.

Highly recommend purenrg. I had to go through several bad hosts and lost websites before I found them. They treat you like a person instead of a client. Fast response and I now host several sites with them and recommend NONE other than

Out of all the hosting companies I have used in my travels, pureNRG is one of the best I have used, the staff are quick to reply and always informative and I have never experienced downtime, which is always good for any webmaster

Excellent service and you get a lot for your money. They are very accomodating to your specific hosting needs and big on supporting your site, and are ready and very willing to help you with any problems. I've never had to wait longer than a day if I have a question about my site or my hosting. Very friendly people. I would recommend Purenrg to anyone looking for great hosting for their web site.