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Upcoming Critical Maintenance / Reboots

Due to some critical software vulnerabilities that are scheduled to be disclosed to the public on March 10th, there are maintenance windows that we need to schedule and complete in order to patch/update affected systems prior to the announcement being made public.

At this time only two customer-impacting servers are known to be affected, and our datacenter provider has scheduled maintenance windows for those as follows:

* - March 7th, 2015 starting at 03:00 PM Eastern Time
* - March 8th, 2015 started at 02:00 PM Eastern Time

Heartbleed, SSL, and What You Need to Know...

So earlier this week the IT world got a nasty little shock in the form of the Heartbleed Bug, a horrid little slip of code in the Open Source OpenSSL library that is causing headaches for IT folks the world over by now.

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