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Emergency Maintenance June 2nd

We've been seeing sporadic connectivity issues within our network this afternoon, affecting primarily Pure Energy internal systems (such as our own website, and Connectivity to servers hosting our cPanel Shared Linux Hosting clients has not been affected.

Scheduled Maintenance Sept. 26th

Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010 (09/26/2010)
Start time (Easter): 1:00 AM
End time (Eastern): 5:00 AM
Location: WDC01
Duration: 4 hours

Scheduled Network Maintenance - July 3rd

Scheduled Network Maintenance
Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010 (07/03/2010)
Start time (GMT+00:00): 05:00 AM
End time (GMT+00:00): 09:00 AM
Services affected: Public / Private Connectivity
Duration: 4 hours

Our Upstream Provider's Engineers will be performing maintenance on circuits providing connectivity on both the private and public facing (Internet Connectivity) networks. Over the course of this maintenance, new capacity from each router will be turned up while also migrating other circuits for more direct connectivity.

Planned Service Outage on November 30th

We've been made aware of an emergency maintenance outage that has been scheduled for Monday, November 30th, between 1am and 2am EST. (That would be "Late Sunday Night, Early Monday Morning")... Apparently there was a recently discovered security vulnerability in particular Cisco Router software versions, and sure enough, our data center has a number of affected machines in their network that need to be upgraded.

Slight Website Update this Morning

Pushed a couple of changes out to the live website earlier today, aside from security updates (moving to Drupal 6.13) there's a few small things worth mentioning:

- Some more enhancements to the reports/tracking available to our Hosting Affiliates. Most of these changes and additions were the direct result of feedback from our testers and early adopters in the affiliate program. Please feel free to keep the feedback coming. ;)

It's getting there

"It's getting there."
"No idea when it'll be done."

That's been me for the last two weeks, and in reality I'm not sure that I'm much further along then I was 14 days ago. I'm supposed to be in charge of the "Agents" for the new monitoring system. Little programs (not php code) that will run on a couple of servers around the internet and keep tabs on all of our services/equipment, and report their findings back to the main system and trigger alerts when something breaks.

The humble beginnings of a Monitoring System

Late yesterday afternoon the website here was updated from our subversion repository, and included in that update was the start of our new Network Status/Monitoring system. It is nowhere near complete, but it is beginning to take shape enough to start tinkering with it on the live site and collecting data.

What we have so far is the beginnings of the "master" for the monitoring system, integrated into our Drupal setup here. What is done so far in the code includes:

Quick note on Website changes

Had a bunch of changes uploaded to the live site over the last week, the only really noticeable one being the switch from "Share This" To "Add This" icons. The ShareThis icon just didn't look right to me on our layout for some reason. A petty reason to change, I know, but it irked me something fierce, just think that the AddThis based buttons look better.

cPanel Flash Video Tutorials now available

Today our "Resources" section of the website received a nice little boost with the addition of Video Tutorials for cPanel; a collection of 31 flash-based videos to help clients learn their way around the cPanel system.

We look forward to continuing to expand the Resources section of website, providing more content and help for webmasters everywhere over the upcoming months.

RSS feeds, now easily located

Occasionally we'll get an email from a client or visitor that makes us realize something incredibly simple. I guess sometimes it's the "easy little details" that are most easily forgotten. In this case the email was a simple:

"I love the new site, but why no RSS feeds of News and the Blog? That would make it easy for me to keep tabs on whats going on, I could just add the feeds to my newsreader..."

This of course started a conversation on our end that went something like this:

"RSS Feeds? Doesn't Drupal handle that for us?"

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