Shared Linux Web Hosting

All Plans Upgraded For 2015!

We are happy to announce that effective immediately all of our standard Shared Linux Hosting plans have received an upgrade in terms of allotted disk space and monthly bandwidth, while keeping the same price-points we have maintained for over a decade now.

All relevant sales materials here on the website have been updated, and all existing clients will see their accounts reflecting the new resource limits effective immediately.

Details for each plans upgrade:

Server Refresh Update

At this time we are happy to announce that all PES backend systems (nameservers, our own website, backend management systems, etc) have been been replaced with the new systems, and everything is running as intended. Over the upcoming two weeks we will begin to build and migrate clients to the new Client Servers. Clients will be notified in batches of the exact upgrade schedule and process for their servers.

New Nameservers Online

As of this evening we have switched over ns3 & to their new homes. This step of our upgrade should require no client action, and no downtime to any client sites. For future reference all mention of ns3/ns4 on our site have been updated to reflect their new IPs: - Now (was - Now (was

Scheduled Maintenance Sept. 26th

Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010 (09/26/2010)
Start time (Easter): 1:00 AM
End time (Eastern): 5:00 AM
Location: WDC01
Duration: 4 hours

Scheduled Network Maintenance - July 3rd

Scheduled Network Maintenance
Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010 (07/03/2010)
Start time (GMT+00:00): 05:00 AM
End time (GMT+00:00): 09:00 AM
Services affected: Public / Private Connectivity
Duration: 4 hours

Our Upstream Provider's Engineers will be performing maintenance on circuits providing connectivity on both the private and public facing (Internet Connectivity) networks. Over the course of this maintenance, new capacity from each router will be turned up while also migrating other circuits for more direct connectivity.

Planned Service Outage on November 30th

We've been made aware of an emergency maintenance outage that has been scheduled for Monday, November 30th, between 1am and 2am EST. (That would be "Late Sunday Night, Early Monday Morning")... Apparently there was a recently discovered security vulnerability in particular Cisco Router software versions, and sure enough, our data center has a number of affected machines in their network that need to be upgraded.

Reminder regarding tonights maintenance

Just a reminder for everyone regarding tonight's planned Backend Network Maintenance on March 28th 2009 starting at 3:00am CDT.

As previously stated, client sites should be unaffected and remain online during the outage, the primary issues for us will be internal (ie: Order processing, dns updates...)

Backend Network Maintenance

We have been advised by our data center that their engineers will be upgrading the router operating systems and rebooting the back end network routers across the Dallas network on March 28th 2009 starting at 3:00am CDT.

Hosting plans upgraded

It would appear it's once again that time of year again when we sit down and evaluate our current situation and see what we can do to squeeze a little more value out of each of our offered plans.

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