What is Shared SSL, and how does it work?

What is Shared SSL, and how does it work?

Shared SSL provides a method for secure, encrypted access to your web content without the need of obtaining a dedicated IP address and your own SSL Certificate.

At Pure Energy Systems, you can access your site and content via SSL using an address in the format:


So lets say Joe has an online candy store, "Joe's Candy", at joescandy.com, with a shopping cart script he wants to secure via SSL, normally accessed at "joescandy.com/cart.php".

Let's say his account is hosted on the server "blue.purenrg.com", and his account username for the account is "joecandy".

Joe automatically has a shared SSL address available to him, "https://blue.purenrg.com/~joecandy/cart.php" would allow secure SSL access to the shopping cart.

(Many popular shopping cart programs include a method of configuring the "secure" url to use, check the documentation for your shopping cart software for more details).