Hosting Affiliate Program goes Live

Today I'm happy to unveil our new Affiliate Program, an easy way for clients and webmasters to earn commissions by referring others to our service. Word of mouth has always been a crucial method of marketing for us, and this finally sets up a framework for us to begin rewarding those folks who've been so crucial to helping spread the word. :)

Full details and the signup form can be found on our Web Hosting Affiliate Program page.

I also wanted to take a moment and thank the handful of people who've been helping us test this over the last couple months while it's been in development, there were the occasional glitch they helped us iron out, but most importantly, the feedback we received from our testers regarding the tracking and reporting system were incredibly valuable.

Tester Feedback

I have an email of feedback i worked up on early last week but did not get in before the system went live. looking at the sys today it looks to be very similar to last week, and most of the feedback is still realivent. can i still send this over? anyone in particular i should send it to?


Of course you can still send over any feedback/bug reports on the affiliate system. The "affiliates@" email address is going to be the central contact for anything relating to the affiliate program, so you can still use that email address. (The contact form here on the site has been updated to include this as well). There wasn't a whole lot of stuff changed in the site code that was pushed out Friday to coincide with the launch, mostly a couple of bug fixes / cosmetic fixes, so what you see/use now is basically the same system from the last round of testing, just cleaned up a bit. I know there's still some work planned for the affiliates system (reporting options mostly), but any feedback you have from using the system is definitely wanted and appreciated. Just because it's launched doesn't mean the work stops, just means we have more people playing with it, using it, and giving us feedback. :)