14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Legalese Version
14 Day Guarantee: All web hosting accounts are subject to a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If a client is unhappy with our hosting service, he/she may make a request to cancel the account and obtain a refund of their hosting fees within 14 days from the day of account activation. This guarantee does not waive Pure Energy System's right to bill for bandwidth overages or administrative fees resulting from a client's usage of unsolicited ("SPAM") email.

What it Means in English
If you sign up for a hosting account with us today, and for any reason whatsoever, 13-days from now you may decide to cancel and email us this decision. We will cancel the account and refund whatever monthly fees you've already paid for the account.

Why Offer a Guarantee?
Why not offer one? We pride ourselves in being a dependable, affordable solution for website hosting, and we believe we offer a quality service. Our past history tends to lend support to the fact that many of the clients who signed up with us in our first 3 months of operation are still with us today. However, we do recognize that our service isn't for everybody. Occasionally a possible client may sign up with the intention of using a service that we do not offer, such as a streaming media server or Microsoft SQL Server as the database back end, and realize these services are not available after they have paid for a new account.

In short, mistakes sometimes happen. Our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee gives people who find themselves in that situation a way out with no out of pocket loss.