cPanel - What is it?

cPanel is the premier control panel for shared linux web hosting environments, giving you complete control of your web hosting account. While other providers would have you file trouble tickets for routine things such as creating new email users for your domain, with cPanel you have complete "at-once" control over your website.

cPanel allows you to...

  • Backup & Restore Your Files
  • Manage (Add, Remove) E-mail and FTPi accounts for your domain
  • Create Auto responders, Mailing Lists, and Mail Filters.
  • View Bandwidthi Usage, Error Logs, and web statistics.
  • Edit your htaccess files, for directory password protection.
  • Customize your error pages (404i, etc)
  • Create redirects and sub domains.
  • Manage your MySQLi databases
  • Utilize a number of available pre-installed cgi scripts
  • And much much more...

Click to see some screen shots of cPanel
We also have a series of cPanel Video Tutorials that can give you insight into how cPanel works and how it helps you manage your website.