Uses for your Linux Shared Hosting Account

Potential uses for a website are limited only by your imagination and your situation. It's really a matter of what you're looking to accomplish. Listed below are just a few ideas/reasons we've encountered as to what uses people find for having a website.

Business Uses for a Website

  • Spread product/company information - Product literature, annual reports, press releases, owner's manuals, parts lists—the list of items a company can publish via the web is endless.
  • Collect information - Warranty registration, feedback forms, product/service surveys, request for quotes; any form or document that you would want a consumer, vendor, or supplier to fill out and submit to you—if it can be done on paper, it can be done faster online.
  • Interact with customers - Customer forums, web based chat, order statuses—give your customers the tools to interact with your sales or support staff.
  • Sell your product online - Convert the entire world into a potential sales territory.

Personal Uses for a Website

  • Personal journal/blog - Share your insight and life with the entire world, or even just with friends and family.
  • Online photo album - Relatives spread out over a great distance? An online photo album can help keep the grandparents up to date with the young ones.
  • Clubs/guids - Promote your hobbies and clubs—advertise meetings, post pictures, and more. Play games online? Create a site for your guild!