04 Dec

Welcome to the PureBlog

One of the ideas we're pushing extremely hard with the new site here is enhancing communication and obtaining feedback; basically pushing the client-interaction idea as far as we can. To that end one of things we're implementing here is the PureBlog; a way to communicate ideas to our clients and hopefully get feedback/comments back from them as well.

This blog will definitely not be replacing our regular “News” section, nor will it replace the need to occasionally email clients directly; the idea here is a bit more… informal, and definitely not for mission critical news. For instance, if there's a big software upgrade in the works, it may be talked about here in the blog, but when it's time to actually deploy the upgrade, there will be a posting made to the News section, and possibly (if the upgrade is going to affect clients in a major way), an email sent out to everyone affected as well. The idea of the blog is to put the idea out there early in the process, so that we can get feedback from clients, and make changes to our plans if needed.

This section is more about opening up what goes on behind the scenes BEFORE it happens, and getting valuable feedback from clients into our thought-process as early as possible. For instance, over the upcoming weeks as we add functionality to the site here, there will be frequent updates regarding the new features that have been added, as well as what we're planning to add. It's not mission critical to anyone, but putting forth where we're planning to go with the site may jog loose a few ideas in someone's mind we hadn't thought of ourselves, maybe an idea for another feature that should be worked into the system.