17 Jan

PHP5 available on all servers

We are happy to announce that effective immediately, PHP5 is now available on all shared linux hosting accounts here at Pure Energy.

Clients can utilize PHP5 by either changing their default PHP version inside cPanel (cPanel -> PHP Configuration), or by naming PHP files with the .php5 extension. On February 4th we will switch the default for all *.php files on our servers over to PHP5. If clients require the use of PHP4 beyond that date, they will need to use the PHP Configuration Screen in cPanel to select PHP4 for their account, or rename their PHP files to .php4.

The PHP4 system will be kept in place as an option for those users who require it, as long as a secure version of the PHP4 branch is still available from the PHP team. The PHP Team has announced their plans to continue releasing security fixes through August 2008, so we anticipate keeping PHP4 available as an option until that time.