28 Mar

Bandwidth Warning Notifications Tweaked

The domain yourdomain.domain (account) is about to exceed their bandwidth limit (X/X Megs)

The above is probably a pretty familiar email subject to some of our clients. In the past the cPanel servers would auto-notify both the client and our support team whenever an account had exceeded 80% of their monthly bandwidth allowance in a month. It's not uncommon for us to see this warning emails start rolling in towards the end of the month for a number of accounts.

The original idea was to provide adequate warning to clients so that if they anticipated going over their limit that month, arrangements could be made.

The problem is, that as our plans have grown in size, we never adjusted the point at which these warnings were sent out; the warnings have always started going out when an account reached 80%. With the bandwidth growth of our accounts over the last year, 80% is not necessarily the best place for the warnings to start anymore. For instance, our smallest plan (Linux Bronze), comes with 5 gigabytes of transfer now each month, and the 80% mark is 4 gigabytes; while our largest standard plan (Linux Gold) comes with 50 gigabytes, making the “warning” trigger 40 gigabytes.

Long story short, we've adjusted the “trigger” to be 95% of the monthly limit now. This should help cut down on the number of clients who regularly get the warning emails at the end of every month, yet never actually have to worry about running over their limits.