22 May

Migration of ns3.purenrg.com

Tomorrow we will begin the process of replacing ns3.purenrg.com, one of the namservers used for client domains. The new ns3 has been online for the last week, quietly staying sync'd with ns4.purenrg.com and servicing those requests we have sent it's way while testing to insure everything was up to speed.

Tomorrow we will update the nameserver record for ns3.purenrg.com, to point it to the IP address of the new machine ( ), and over the weekend all dns traffic for client domains should drift away from the old server and over to the new one.

** There should be -no change or action- required on your part for this **

If your domain name is pointed to (as most are) ns3.purenrg.com & ns4.purenrg.com, our updating the record for ns3.purenrg.com with the registrar should be the only change needed at all. When you pointed your domain to our namservers, you simply told your domain provider “ns3.purenrg.com” and “ns4.purenrg.com”; the record that we will update tomorrow will be reflected in your domain records once the change makes it way out to all the root nameservers.

If your domain name is not pointed to our nameservers (ie: you are using some other dns service for your domain), then you are not using ns3.purenrg.com anyway and are unaffected by this change.

The only situation where anyone should need to change anything are:

1) You have a monitoring program or service that is hard-coded to watch the old ns3.purenrg.com machine, by IP address ( ). You will want to change said program or service to watch the new IP address ( ) instead.

After updating the main record tomorrow, and giving it the weekend to filter out around the internet, we will monitor the activity on the old ns3 machine next week to see if there are any requests still coming in at the old machine. We do not intend to take the old server offline until atleast the following week, once we are sure everything out there is updated properly.

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on this change, even though we do not see it actually affecting anyone, aside from that one footnote. 🙂