16 Jun

New website goes Live!

We are pleased to announce that after quite a bit of time, planning, and coding work, the newly designed Pure Energy Systems website is being launched today. While the most obvious result of this is a (much needed) new look and feel for the website, there are some other important changes involved that we felt we needed to let everyone know about.

1) The old faqs.purenrg.com, and support.purenrg.com sites will both be going offline shortly. The functionality of both these sites has already been integrated into the new Pure Energy website.

2) Clients with multiple hosting accounts have had all their hosting accounts consolidated down into one single client login for the new website. Because of this change all clients will be receiving an email shortly that will contain both their Client Login username and password, as well as a list of any hosting accounts that have been merged into their new account.

Currently the new site duplicates all the functionality that was present in our old site, along with some newer functionality that was not available in the old site. Going forward we will be continuing to add new features to the site to better support our clients. Information on additional upgrades and changes as they are released will be available via the PureBlog.