22 Jul

RSS feeds, now easily located

Occasionally we’ll get an email from a client or visitor that makes us realize something incredibly simple. I guess sometimes it’s the “easy little details” that are most easily forgotten. In this case the email was a simple:

“I love the new site, but why no RSS feeds of News and the Blog? That would make it easy for me to keep tabs on whats going on, I could just add the feeds to my newsreader…”

This of course started a conversation on our end that went something like this:

“RSS Feeds? Doesn’t Drupal handle that for us?”
“Sure, everything has an RSS feed, it’s one of the reasons we used Drupal, easy RSS.”
“But… did we happen to link to the feeds from anywhere so people can find them?”
“Uhhhh… good point.”

At any rate, a quick choice of icon color later (“No, the icons can not be bright orange, bright orange is reserved for “Order Now” buttons, pick something else”) and low and behold, we now have rss feeds, and they can actually be located right on the main page.

And for those people who don’t want to have to hunt for the little pretty blue icons, the feeds are:

The PureBlog RSS Feed

Now to figure out if there are any other “little things” we’d forgotten about. 🙂