04 Sep

Unscheduled Maintenance Window for Srv3

We have a previously unscheduled (well, unscheduled prior to today) maintenance window for Srv3 scheduled for Thursday, September 4th at 4:00pm – 6:00pm CDT.

We anticipate that actual downtime for the machine should be less then 30 minutes, but the exact start time will be dependent upon the technicians in the Data Center.

This window is to replace the RAM modules in srv3, we hope to rectify the recent problems we have been experiencing with the server.

All clients on Srv3 should have received an email early this morning when this window was first set, but we wanted to get something out on our website just in case anyone missed the original email.

Update @ 5:33pm Eastern: Srv3 was taken offline for the RAM replacement at approximately 5:20pm Eastern, we are currently awaiting word from the Datacenter on it's return.

Update @ 5:51pm Eastern: Srv3 is back up as of 5:45pm and servicing requests at this time. The Datacenter Technician is performing some basic testing to ensure the new RAM is functioning properly, but so far so good, server may be a touch slower then normal while the testing is in progress.

Update @ 6:02pm Eastern: Datacenter reports that basic testing on the new RAM is showing all clean. We will continue to monitor Srv3 over the next few hours, but hopefully the faulty RAM was the problem all along.