29 Sep

Quick note on Website changes

Had a bunch of changes uploaded to the live site over the last week, the only really noticeable one being the switch from “Share This” To “Add This” icons. The ShareThis icon just didn't look right to me on our layout for some reason. A petty reason to change, I know, but it irked me something fierce, just think that the AddThis based buttons look better.

Most of the recent changes have been behind the scenes, trying to tidy up quite a bit of API related functionality that we had previously started implementing in August: APIs for 2CheckOut, PayPal, and an API for the Datacenter's management system as well. So far there's nothing actually in production that uses these new APIs, but they are there and working for us to implement down the road. (Most notably for us, automating the recording of a successful payment into our system, no more manually entering a list of payments each day).

Right now we're refocusing everything into implementing the new Monitoring System, it has sort of grown into something more then just putting a pretty face on what we have already in use. Part of the hold up being that we've decided we need to write the monitors (yes, plural, we intend to monitor all systems from multiple locations, instead of relying on one central monitoring process) themselves as standalone C programs, which will retrieve their configuration from a central location, and then report back successful or failed monitoring attempts as they occur.

Basically we're building a whole new monitoring system from scratch, so it's going a little slower then we originally thought it would. But there is progress being made, so hopefully we'll have something to show for it soon.