06 Nov

Apache 2.2: Coming Soon

Ever since early in the year it has been a goal to get all servers upgraded to the “latest and greatest major branches” of software… we started by introducing PHP5, then MySQL5, and now, finally, we'll be moving all servers over to Apache 2.2.x to replace the current 1.3.x lineup. We had actually looked at making this jump back when we first implemented PHP5 in January, but some glitches that cropped up during the testing phase left us well, concerned, and ultimately we decided to put the upgrade off a bit longer.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing some final testing with Apache 2.2.x and hope to have it ready for roll out to all servers sometime around the first week in December. The goal is to take advantage of some of the new performance gains to be found with 2.2, and clients should, with the exception of a brief outage while their server is upgraded, not notice any major differences to their account or it's behavior. Except maybe a bit of a performance boost, but nobody ever complains about those. 🙂