10 Feb

Hosting plans upgraded

It would appear it's once again that time of year again when we sit down and evaluate our current situation and see what we can do to squeeze a little more value out of each of our offered plans.

We're happy to announce that effective immediately all of our standard shared linux web hosting plans have been upgraded once again to include additional resources in each plan. While this includes an average 20% increase to all plans in regards to disk space and bandwidth, we have also taken the opportunity to streamline the method in which we determine the limits of other features (email accounts/subdomains/etc) and make them a bit more relaxed in general.

The general direction taken was “Disk space and bandwidth are the real big issues we need to be careful with, on the others, lets give enough that 99% of people will not run into a shortage, but keep an actual hard limit, because “Unlimited” is a dangerous territory we don't want to be in”.

The new plan limits are now posted to our site and will apply to any new account sign ups from this point forward. The new plan quotas are currently being pushed out to all servers, and existing clients should find the new resources at their disposal by later this afternoon at the latest.