17 Mar

Backend Network Maintenance

We have been advised by our data center that their engineers will be upgrading the router operating systems and rebooting the back end network routers across the Dallas network on March 28th 2009 starting at 3:00am CDT.

Impact to our clients: Little to none: all servers and accounts should be up and accessible to the outside world during any actual back end outages. It will however affect some back end operations on our end, such as the management interfaces between our website and our hosting servers, and the internal DNS propagation system. For instance, new account provisioning, adding a new domain to an existing account, or resetting your cPanel password via the “My Services” section of our website will not function during the actual back end network outage.

Time frame: While the maintenance window is set for 2 hours, we expect no longer than 15 – 20 minutes of downtime.