10 Jul

Slight Website Update this Morning

Pushed a couple of changes out to the live website earlier today, aside from security updates (moving to Drupal 6.13) there's a few small things worth mentioning:

– Some more enhancements to the reports/tracking available to our Hosting Affiliates. Most of these changes and additions were the direct result of feedback from our testers and early adopters in the affiliate program. Please feel free to keep the feedback coming. 😉

– “Affiliate Links” block added to the site for affiliates. Folks who are logged into the site and have already joined our web hosting affiliate program will notice a new block over on the right side of the site. It contains the direct url for the page you are on, with your affiliate ID code already inserted (there's also a “share” button which is loaded with your personalized affiliate url as well). When we wrote the “Get Links” page for the affiliate program, we had a bit of a problem expressing “every page on our site can be used as an affiliate URL, just add your code”.. so the block helps with that.. if you see the block, you can grab your own custom affiliate link for that specific page. 😉