19 Mar

New Nameservers Online

As of this evening we have switched over ns3 & ns4.purenrg.com to their new homes. This step of our upgrade should require no client action, and no downtime to any client sites. For future reference all mention of ns3/ns4 on our site have been updated to reflect their new IPs:

ns3.purenrg.com – Now (was
ns4.purenrg.com – Now (was

Glue records for ns3/ns4 have been updated with the registrars for purenrg.com, so all clients using ns3/ns4 should have their nameserver traffic already re-directed to the new servers seamlessly.

Just as a precaution we will leave the old nameservers running for a few days before shutting them down, and will continue to monitor the DNS traffic to them to ensure everything has switched over.

Next up for our upgrades will be our backend systems (our own website, mailservers, and a few development servers). That will take a week or two for us to complete, and then we will begin migrating client servers and client websites. Clients will be notified in advance of any possible outage windows that will affect their sites, but we will strive to maintain as minimal downtime for everyone as possible.