12 Jan

All Plans Upgraded For 2015!

We are happy to announce that effective immediately all of our standard Shared Linux Hosting plans have received an upgrade in terms of allotted disk space and monthly bandwidth, while keeping the same price-points we have maintained for over a decade now.

All relevant sales materials here on the website have been updated, and all existing clients will see their accounts reflecting the new resource limits effective immediately.

Details for each plans upgrade:

Linux Bronze – 300 400 megs disk space, 6 8gigs Bandwidth
Linux Bronze+ – 450 600 megs disk space, 10 15gigs Bandwidth
Linux Bronze++ – 650 900 megs disk space, 15 20gigs Bandwidth
Linux Silver – 1024 1536 megs disk space, 24 30gigs Bandwidth
Linux Silver+ – 1536 2048 megs disk space, 30 40gigs Bandwidth
Linux Gold – 3096 4096 megs disk space, 60 80gigs Bandwidth