04 Sep

Invoice Emails: Routine, Not Scary.

One of the new features we rolled out with the new management system is automatically emailed Invoices. We probably should have pointed this out in advance, as their sudden appearance has sparked something of a ticket frenzy, and for this oversight, we apologize. 😉

A couple separate issues sort of converged to put ’emailed PDF invoices’ on our “must have” list for the new platform:

– We’ve only ever offered easy monthly billing, but one of the things we did want out of our new billing system was the flexibility to offer different billing periods if desired or required. For things like Domain Registrations for instance, we’d absolutely need a yearly option.

– More than a few customers over the years have asked us to provide some sort of invoice or itemized receipt that could be used for accounting/tax time purposes.

– Reducing the number of ‘unknown charge on my credit card!’ incidents. Even with a regular monthly charge, there were occasionally times that when “2CO ** PURENRG.COM” showed up on someone’s credit card statement, they wouldn’t recognize it and it would be a thing. Always a minor thing, easily sorted, but a thing all the same. We like to eliminate things whenever possible, as things cost everyone involved some time to straighten out.

So when the new system went live, automated PDF invoices were introduced. The way it works is:

– 14 days prior to your next billing due date, an invoice is generated by the system for your account. This invoice is viewable from within the client portal from that point on.
– 7 days prior to your billing due date, an email reminder is sent letting you know your billing date is approaching, along with a PDF copy of the invoice.
– On your billing date, the charge goes through and the payment is automatically applied to the invoice. The invoice will show as “Paid”, and a historical version of the invoice is available within the portal for you to view or download as/when needed.

There’s nothing new that needs to be done from your side because of these new email invoices, they are really just a “heads up!” reminder that the charge is coming for anyone with an existing PayPal or 2CheckOut based billing method. In the future we may offer alternative payment methods or longer billing cycles that may make the invoice reminders more necessary, but for now, they’re really just for your information.