22 Dec

New SSL Certificate Offerings

Earlier this year we were very happy to announce that we were going to be able to start offering Free Domain Validated SSL Certificates to all our our hosting clients, backed by COMODO CA and issued by cPanel.

Thanks to the integration with cPanel, clients would be able to gain this benefit with zero work on their part.  cPanel would handle the issuing of the certs, provisioning them into the hosting account, and even handle renewing them every 90 days as they came up on their expiration dates.  It was truly “zero hassle SSL”.

Given the state of the web in 2018, and the growing trend towards “https everywhere”, we were very excited to be able to provide this much needed service free of charge to all of our clients for use with their Pure Energy hosted websites.

The introduction of AutoSSL to our feature lineup has helped to shine a light on the topic of SSL Certificates for our customers, and this has led to a number of questions regarding SSL certificates, their usage, and the limitations of the AutoSSL feature:

  • How can I get a “Green Bar” SSL Certificate?
  • Can I get a “Secure Site Seal” for use on my site?
  • I need a certificate for <X>, and it’s not actually my site that’s hosted with Pure Energy.
  • Whats with this 90 day expiration thing?


Previously, when these questions would come up, we would generally point the person towards either RapidSSL, or GeoTrust, depending on what exactly they were looking for.    They would have to procure the certificate directly from the CA, and then, if they wanted to use the cert with their Pure Energy hosted site, venture back thru the gamut of “SSL Cert installation” via cPanel.  Now, to be fair, cPanel does a great job at making this as painless as possible, but even with cPanel’s help, SSL Installation can still be a bit…  cumbersome at times.

So, starting today I’m happy to announce that in addition to the AutoSSL feature, which is still included free of charge for every one of our hosting clients, we’re also going to be offering the following standard SSL Certificates for purchase via our Client Portal:


Pricing across the board is far lower than the rates that RapidSSL and GeoTrust charge directly, with certificates ranging from $17.95 for a 1 year RapidSSL Certificate to $279 for a 1 year GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard.  2 year certificates are also available, generally at about a 15% discount over (2) 1 year certificates.

These certificates, while they are not included free of charge with your account, will have the standard 1 or 2 year renewal term (your choice), can be used on sites/services/things other than the site you have hosted with us, and will come with all the standard features/warranties/site seals that RapidSSL and GeoTrust offer with said certificate.

If you are a Pure Energy Systems hosting client, and you order a certificate via your Client Portal account for a website domain that you host with us, the portal can even handle provisioning the certificate into your cPanel account once the order is complete and the certificate authority issues the certificate.

It’s really a combination of best of both worlds, and we’re hoping that between “Free AutoSSL” and “Paid Certificates”, we can help do our part to make “https everywhere” as painless and cost effective as possible.