03 Jan

Domain TLD Promotions go live!

Today we’ve enabled domain registration promotions, the results of which you can see on the big list of domain TLDs that are available for registration, where there are currently around 65 TLDs running with special “On Sale” promotional pricing.

TLD promotions occur when a given TLD registrar offers a special promotional price on new registrations for a given TLD.  Sometimes these discounts can be rather large (for instance, .accountants domains are normally $91.44/year, but right now can be had for $11.48 for the first year).


  • Sweet low pricing for that first year registration


  • Terms of the promotion are dictated by the TLD.   We don’t control how long the price is good for, or when they expire.   When a TLD promo expires, our pricing will revert back to the normal price automatically.  Some promotions may only last a couple weeks, whereas others can run for months.
  • They usually only apply to 1 year, new registrations.  We hardly ever see promotions on transfers or renewals.
  • As a result, at the end of that first year, you’re looking at a regularly price renewal.

In keeping with our previously stated thoughts on domain pricing, we use the same markup process for promotional pricing that we do for regular price domains.  So the greater the discount the TLD is offering, the lower the price we can offer to you.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible about the eventual renewal costs, if you add a domain that is on promotion to your cart, it’ll show up like this:

example of how promo domain registration pricing is reflected in the cart

We’ll show you both the currently promotional registration price you’ll pay today for the 1st year registration, as well as the current 1 year renewal price, with the goal being to minimize any potential surprises down the road. (Obviously the TLD could raise their price between now and then, but we wanted to at-least show the current renewal pricing, as we don’t know exactly where their pricing may be in 12 months).