21 Jan

2018: A Year In Review

At the start of 2018, in a rather sparse and simple blog update we laid out some pretty ambitious, if vague, plans for the year.  I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we got done in 2018, and some ideas of where we’re looking to go in 2019…


All in all it was a pretty productive year.  But we’re not going to just sit back and rest on our laurels.  Once the current Server Migration Project is complete (blog post coming), we’re looking at the following items as possibilities for 2019:

  • Increasing Resource Limits for all of our Shared Linux Hosting Plans.
  • Unveiling additional new products and services based on client and market demand


All in all, I believe 2018 was a great year overall, many of the things we set out to accomplish this year were completed, and we’re in a position to not only finish out the few remaining tasks from 2018, but also to start looking toward the future in new and exciting ways.