02 Feb

All Shared Hosting Plans Doubled in Size!

Resource upgrades are here!  We’ve been hinting about it pretty blatantly.   We’ve been itching to get this nailed down for a bit now, as it’s been a while since the last time we had any resource adjustments to the plans.  But we wanted to get all of our ducks in a row to maximize the potential impact before announcing any changes… and we’re very happy with the end-result!

Today we’re happy to announce a rather large upgrade to the Disk Space and Bandwidth allocations that come standard with all of our Shared Hosting Plans:

  • Linux Bronze – $5.95/month
    • Was 400MB Disk Space  |   8GB Bandwidth
    • Now 800MB Disk Space  |  16GB Bandwidth
  • Linux Bronze+ – $7.95/month
    • Was 600MB Disk Space  |  15GB Bandwidth
    • Now 1200MB Disk Space  |  30GB Bandwidth
  • Linux Bronze++ – $9.95/month
    • Was 900MB Disk Space  |  20GB Bandwidth
    • Now 1800MB Disk Space  |  40GB Bandwidth
  • Linux Silver – $14.95/month
    • Was 1536MB Disk Space  |  30GB Bandwidth
    • Now 3072MB Disk Space  |  60GB Bandwidth
  • Linux Silver+ – $19.95/month
    • Was 2048MB Disk Space  |  40GB Bandwidth
    • Now 4096MB Disk Space  |  80GB Bandwidth
  • Linux Gold – $29.95/month
    • Was 4096MB Disk Space  |  80GB Bandwidth
    • Now 8192MB Disk Space  |  160GB Bandwidth


Yes, that is correct, we’re doubling the amount of resources available in every plan.

No action is required on anyone’s part to take advantage of these new plans, all existing clients have already had their resource allocations increased to the new levels.