17 May

Git: Now available across all our hosting plans

logo of the git software projectWe’re happy to announce the immediate availability of Git repository hosting as a standard feature for all of our shared hosting linux plans.

Git is a distributed version control system, allowing you a safe and effective means of tracking revisions and edits to your source code.  The predominate use-case for Git by our clients would be, of course, storing and tracking the web code that powers your site, but I’m sure some enterprising clients will find other, additional uses for it.

The Git repository management section of cPanel can be found under the “Files” section of your cPanel interface, via the icon labeled “Git Version Control”.

The deployment of git repository hosting builds on-top of the same security and resource management feature additions that enabled us to bring about the return of secure shell access previously.  Research (disk/cpu/bandwidth) usage via Git is shared and accounted for within your account’s base cPanel allocations.  (In other words, if your Git repo is 50MB in size, that 50MB of disk space will count against your accounts normal Disk Quota allotment.)