19 Dec

Time running out on 2019 Domain Registration deals

an hourglass sitting on a wooden tableAs of today there are quite a few domain registration promotions going on.   Between now and the end of year, all but two of these will be ending.

As of today, only .club and .global promotional pricing will survive into the new year.  All other promotions will be ending before the ball drops in Time Square.

We’re not normally the “hey, this deal is ending on <X> type”, since various TLDs go on sale all the time, but with so many promotions timed to end over the next 10 days or so, we figured it was worth pointing out just in case you’ve had your eye on a particular domain name idea as of late…

[Disclosure:  We fully expected more TLDs to go on promotion in 2020, and it’s possible that some of the existing current ones could be extended into 2020.  But as of today, all the registries except those two have ‘promo end’ dates before the end of the year, and no new ones have been announced as of yet. ]

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