04 Jan

Minor Updates To Our Terms Of Service

a document being signedThe start of a New Year has everyone clamoring to update their Terms of Service.  Judging from my own inbox, it’s all the rage this time of year.  We decided we didn’t want to miss all the fun, so we dug our own terms out of the closet and gave them a once over, and, well, we decided to tweak a couple small things.

Now, don’t worry, we haven’t upended the world or anything.   We’ve made some slight formatting changes to the document to clean it up a bit, and we’ve made a few actual changes to the content, and in the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to put them all here in the open for everyone to see.

We updated the “Cancellation of Service” section to reflect the ability for clients to request their accounts be cancelled via the Client Portal.

We updated the “Late / Non-Payment” section do away with the “reconnect charge”.

Both of these were holdovers from the dark ages, before our new client portal and automation helped to make everyone’s lives simpler.   We haven’t needed clients to email in cancellation request 5 days before their next billing date in years, and we haven’t charged anyone a ‘reconnect fee’ for us turning their account back on from a billing suspension in an even longer time.  Basically nothing has change operationally… now the legalese now reflects reality.

Our “14 Day Money Back Guarantee” is now our “28 Day Money Back Guarantee”, and we clarified a couple additional points.

New clients now have twice as long to try things out and, if it turns out our hosting isn’t for them, they can get their hosting account refunded.  We also added clarification that the Money Back Guarantee only applies to hosting account fees, nothing else.

We added a section on Pre-Payments, Incentives, and Refunds.

This is a new one, and we’re not ready to fully announce the details just yet, but, the short version is, while we’re sticking firm to our mantra of No Long Term Contracts, we have also heard the call of our existing clients loud and clear that they’d be interested in maybe paying in advance and getting a little something in return for doing so.  These sections are basically to lay the groundwork for a couple of things in that arena.