12 Jan

Making Domain Registration Promos More Visible

In the interest of continued transparency and based on some customer feedback, we’ve made a couple enhancements to our Domain Registration section of our site as of late:letter tiles spelling out "sale"

  • Our Full Domain Pricing Page now shows the ‘normal’ non-promotional price, as well as any applicable promotional prices right next to it.
  • The Current Domain Pricing Promotions page does something similar for every domain on sale, but also includes the date each promotional price is scheduled to end.
  • Individual TLD detail pages (such as this one for .club) have been enhanced to show any normal pricing, promotional pricing, and promotion end dates in the “Pricing: General” tab as well.

As noted previously, domain promotional pricing is dictated solely at the discretion of the sponsoring registrar, and we have no control over which promotions are extended or for how long.  These changes are part of our mission to provide the most up to date and accurate information that we can, so that clients can make the most informed buying decisions.