31 Jan

Protect Your Privacy With Our New VPN Service

black and white photograph of a padlock securing a gateHow your privacy is at risk

In today’s world we all find ourselves continuously connected: On the road, at work, or just relaxing at home, we find ourselves always ‘on’ in order to pay bills, shop, communicate with friends, or just to stream the latest entertainment.

But if you have any concerns regarding your security and privacy online, or how exposed your”digital footprint” may be, utilizing a VPN service for all your daily browsing needs may be a critical piece of maintaining your privacy.

While everyone knows about the dangers associated with unprotected browsing via unsecured Wifi networks, there are a number of other privacy and convenience endangering issues that users face on the internet today:

How a VPN helps protect your privacy.

In basic terms, when you connect to the VPN service, you are building a private, encrypted tunnel from your device to the VPN Service’s endpoint.  This endpoint could be in your local City, or halfway around the world, you get to decide, usually from a list of cities/locations that the provider offers.

Then, all of your browsing activity and traffic is routed out to the larger Internet via your chosen VPN endpoint.  Since the tunnel between you and the service is fully encrypted and only you and them have the keys, nobody in between can see what you are doing.  And once your traffic leaves their service, you will appear to be coming from that location.  The websites and services you communicate with will be unaware of your true IP address or geographical location.

Why choose our VPN service offering?

Our arrangement with SiteLock VPN allows us to offer an easy to use VPN service featuring:

  • Coverage for up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • 1 Click Setup for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux
  • Tunnel endpoints in 40+ countries around the world, and you can freely switch between them as desired.