17 Mar

Operational Status Regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

CoronavirusIf my inbox is any sort of guide to whats going on for the rest of the world, over the last few days everyone has been getting swamped with emails from every company they’ve ever dealt with reaching out to explain how they’re dealing with COVID-19.   While we don’t want to contribute to the flood by doing the same to all of our clients, we do have a couple of bits of information that we wanted to get out there and share just to keep our clients informed:

  • All of our cloud / data-center partners have enacted their own business continuity and response plans they intend to utilize to ensure seamless operations, these include provisions for ensuring services remain fully operational at all locations while also protecting the health and safety of their own staff.   Thus far we have seen zero disruption of existing services as a result and do not currently anticipate any major disruptions.
  • Last Friday we disabled the automated suspension of hosting accounts with unpaid invoices.
    • No client who was in good standing with regards to their bills as of March 1st 2020, will have their hosting account shutoff for non-payment of their bill at-least thru the end of May.     (This date could be extended out further in the future depending on global developments. )
    • This “no questions asked” deferment of unpaid invoices only applies to hosting accounts themselves.  Other services such as domain renewals have additional complications (for instance, the registrars will not allow us to just let a renewal “slide for a couple months”), so if you have some other service coming up for renewal and find yourself in a difficult position, please reach out to our billing team via the client portal, they are empowered to assist and come up with a way to keep your site and services online.

That’s it from us.  We don’t anticipate any major disruptions of service, and we know things are going to be crazy for a bit for everyone, so we’re going to work with folks on the billing front when they need a little help.   Otherwise, stop worrying about your websites, we’ll keep the lights on, you go be safe and find some way to keep everyone sane and entertained in the house until it’s safe to go back outside.