31 Aug

Say Hi to Marketgoo: SEO Made Simple

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SEO can be Complex.

Search Engine Optimization can be a complex and harrowing topic for website owners. It’s one part science, one part dark art, and at times, it feels like… 3 parts luck.

The thing that was “the holy grail of ranking #1” last month could get your site banished to the wastelands of page 58 next month, and who has time to keep up with the ever changing landscape of what the search engines consider important?

So in order to help website owners make heads or tails of all the various advice, pitfalls, and “rules” of SEO, there is a never ending stream of advisors, expert services, and gurus who, for a fee, will help you to navigate these waters.


But SEO can also be Simple!

Personally, We’re big fans of simple around these parts, simple and straightforward, that’s pretty much what we love to see, throw in ‘reasonably priced’ and we’ll take two!

But the idea of “simple and straight forward SEO at a low cost”, well, when we first heard about it, we were a bit skeptical, understandably after some of the claims we’ve seen in the past

But after a couple of weeks utilizing the platform for our own sites, and seeing just how “powerful” a thing can be when you break it down into simple, easy to follow actions that doesn’t require you to be an SEO Guru, we knew that Marketgoo SEO Service was something we had to help bring to all our clients.


Introducing Marketgoo!

Marketgoo is a cloud based platform that performs an analysis of your site content and data from search engines to give you an easy to navigate, actionable DIY style SEO plan that you can use to improve your site’s search engine friendliness without gurus or experts.


  • A single web based dashboard, with no software to install or maintain on your computer, provides the means of tracking your site’s progress.
  • Personalized and evolving “TODO” style tasks allowing you to fix or improve your site’s specific SEO issues.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics if you’re already leveraging that for analytical data.
  • Easy to understand, downloadable reports to track your progress.
  • Identify a couple of your competitors and let Marketgoo pull their rankings and metrics to give you potential insight into what they’re doing.


Marketgoo plans start at just $4.99 a month!


Marketgoo SEO Service

Easy to follow DIY Search Engine Optimization Service