24 Jan

Closing Our Doors

It is with sadness that we announce that Pure Energy Systems will be closing down operations this coming March, including the shutdown of our Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and all other services currently marketed on our website.

We started this adventure 19 years ago, and a large number of you have been with us since those earliest of days in 2002.  I deeply appreciate the trust that each of you has shown in allowing us to serve your needs all of these years, but as our industry has evolved over time, it has become more commoditized and centralized.  As a result, it is increasingly difficult for a small independent provider to continue to attract new clients while remaining profitable.

In order to ensure that everyone has adequate time to relocate their sites in an orderly fashion, we’ve decided to wind things down now, on our own terms, and are implementing the following timeline:

  • This week (beginning January 25, 2021):
    • All new orders for products and services will be disabled on our site.
  • Next week (By February 6, 2021):
    • New invoice generation will be stopped and existing recurring billing options (2Checkout Orders, PayPal Subscriptions, etc.) will be stopped as well.
    • No client billings of any kind for any service will occur after February 6, 2021.
  • Second week of February (beginning February 8, 2021):
    • Any hosting accounts that had been paid in advance further than a month (beyond March 6, 2021) will have prorated refunds issued for time remaining beyond March 6th.
  • March 6, 2021:
    • Official end date for all of our services. This date allows everyone six weeks to migrate to other platforms. 
  • March 7, 2021:
    • We will begin shutting down servers and services.

If your monthly billing date occurs before March 6, 2021, and you wish to relocate your site prior to your February billing, please relocate your site and then let us know to cancel your account so that we can ensure you are not billed for the February through March 2021 billing cycle.

If your monthly billing date occurs after the 6th, you will not be billed for February through March 2021, but your account will continue to operate as normal right up until we turn off our servers on March 7th, regardless of the normal timing of your payment.

=== What to Do (Service Specific) ===

Hosting Clients:

Unfortunately, you will need to find a new provider and move your site over to them before we shut down our service on March 6, 2021.

Personally, if we had to pick a cPanel based web host right now for a project, we’d probably go with A2Hosting.  They’ve been around for almost as long as we have and they are one of the few larger providers in the market that’s not owned by a venture capital firm or other large conglomerate.   They offer an assortment of options at various price points, and even offer an account transfer service to help ease the pain of relocating to them.  Obviously you can download your account backup from within cPanel and take it to any provider you choose, this is just but one suggestion.

Domain Registration Clients:

If you are currently using our domain registration service, you will want to make arrangements to transfer the domain to another domain registration provider as soon as possible.  We expect to keep our client management portal online through the end of March so that domain clients can login to unlock domains or perform other domain management functions, but you’ll want to rehome those domains before our site goes offline.

SSL Certificates:

Your current SSL certificates are still valid and will remain valid throughout their current “Valid thru” dates, even if they are 18 months from now.  There will be no impact to any existing certificates; however, no future renewals or orders for new certificates will be possible through our system once we cease taking new orders this week.  You will need to procure new certificates from another provider when your current ones expire.

MarketGoo Search Engine Optimization:

Your current plan and access will remain active throughout your current monthly billing cycle.  No renewals will process after the billing cutoff date above.  As this service is fully hosted outside of our network, there will be no impact to your access to the MarketGoo platform for the duration of your current plan.

VPN Network Services:

Your current plan and access will remain active throughout your currently paid for billing cycle.  No renewals will process after the billing cut off date above.  As the VPN network is fully hosted outside our network, there will be no impact to VPN access or your access to the SiteLock VPN Dashboard for the duration of your current plan.