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Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy has always been simple: to put our customers first, to make the best use of available technology, and to keep costs for our customers as low as possible while running a sustainable, reliable business. Our strategy has been to maintain quality service and support for our clients, not necessarily to grow to be the biggest or most recognized provider. To this end, all of our services are priced to be affordable, yet sustainable from a business perspective. We don’t offer “pie in the sky” deals that can’t be sustained for the long term, just quality priced packages that can be maintained and backed with quality support when it’s needed.

Our History

  • Circa 1991 thru 1995 – Pure Energy BBS, a single line Bulletin Board System in the Baltimore Metro area, provides a place for the growing local modemer scene to hang out and unwind.
  • 1997 – Pure Energy BBS returns, as a multi-user telnet-only BBS system, running Galacticomm’s Worldgroup software.   Primary focus is multi-user text based chat, and games.  Entire service is powered by a single Pentium 133mzh based system, 64megabytes of RAM, and around 6gigabytes of storage space.  User access is 25 cents an hour, or available in monthly subscriptions at $5/month for 4 hours a day, or $8/month for 8 hours a day.  Available in 3 Month (Bronze), 6 Month (Silver), or 1 year (Gold) pre-paid plans.  If those plan names sound familiar, we’ve never claimed to be the most original.
  • Y2K – Worldgroup system still going strong.  The internet however has arrived in force, and other web related projects start to take more and more of our time and energies.  The BBS closes its doors not long thereafter, and we focus our energies solely into our own web properties and hosting sites for small a group of “friends and family”.
  • March 2002 – Our first offering of Shared Linux Web Hosting accounts featuring cPanel.  Our own website is a completely cobbled together monstrosity based around Windows, IIS, Active Server Pages and vbScript,  A holdover from our ‘private hosting’ days, it’s a bit kludgy and not very pretty, even by 2002 standards, but it gets the job done.
  • December 7, 2007 – Our own website is re-launched, built around Drupal.  Tons of custom code and modules underneath turning the extremely flexible content management system into an entire Customer Management and hosting automation platform.
  • Fall 2013 – After six years, three data center partners, and 2 entire hardware refreshes, we start migrating our services and platform into “the cloud”.   No longer having to focus on physical hardware and the logistics of supporting it, we can focus on providing stellar service and performance to our clients.
  • May 2014 – We complete our migration into the cloud and power down our last physically owned hardware.
  • Spring 2018 – New website launches, this time built entirely around WordPress for content with an off the shelf hosting automation platform for the client portal.

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