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04 Feb 2018


Cascading Style Sheet: An HTML feature that enables Web page developers to specify the way a Web page appears when displayed in a browser, by applying a number of different style elements to a page. Frequently used to “theme” websites in various ways depending on visitor/webmaster desires.

04 Feb 2018


A measurement of how much data can be transmitted across a given network segment at a time. In terms of web hosting plans, “Bandwidth” is often referred to in terms of “Monthly Data Transfer”, as it is easier to quantify and visualize “5 Gigabytes a month” as opposed to “70 Bytes per Second”.

04 Feb 2018


Sites that link to your own page or site. Some search engines utilize the number and/or quantity of “backlinks” to help determine how valuable a given page is, thus in some circles a site with “5000 backlinks” is considered more valuable then one with “no backlinks”.

04 Feb 2018

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible text used in a text hyperlink. For instance, in this case “Pure Energy Systems” is the anchor text for a link back to our main homepage. Some search engines look at the anchor text of a link to help determine what the page is about, and how a page should be ranked for a given search term.

04 Feb 2018


Common Gateway Interface – a standard for external gateway programs to interface with information servers such as HTTP servers. Generally used to refer to any perl or similar script that runs within a website.

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