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Choosing the right domain name is important, your domain is your identity.  It’s going to form the basis of your email address, it’s going to be on all your marketing literature, hopefully it’s going to be around for a while, so it’s worth spending a little time pondering the options and finding the right fit.

The tips below can help you choose the right domain name.

1. Keep it short

Long and complex domain names are harder to communicate verbally, and more likely to be mistyped or mispelled.  Besides “” is just a mouthful.

2. Keep it simple

Be leery of using slang or words that could be misconstrued.  If your business name is actually “Puppies4u”, then go for it, but keep in mind you’ll be saying “the number 4, the letter u” to many people over the phone, etc.

Whatever your choices, try talking with a couple friends about each.  If you find yourself having to write down or clarify what you are talking about, it make not be simple enough.    Numbers and hyphens can be especially problematic.

Tips 1 and 2 seem somewhat at odds, and truthfully, our own domain is a product of favoring #1 over #2.   Being objective, “” versus “” wasn’t that many more letters, but we honestly just didn’t like the way it looked.  But that decision has lead to years of “N-R-G, just the letters” corrections over the phone.

3. Use Keywords

Including words that describe your service or business can be beneficial.

But wait, doesn’t that go against #1 and #2?

Yes.  It does.  But depending on your target market, it may be a choice worth pursuing.    Another option?  If your business:  Bob’s Mowers, targets grasscutting service in Brooklyn.. Maybe go with “” as your main domain, but pick up “” as a secondary domain and redirect it to your main site. goes on the business cards, but goes in your radio ads.

4. Legalities

Search around, try to make sure your domain name idea isn’t already ‘owned’ by someone else.  Trademark and Copyright law is a tricky subject, so best to try and avoid any drama as much as possible.

5. Choosing a TLD

As of 2018 there are over 1,500 Top Level Domains available for use on the internet.  Finding “the right one” can be daunting.

Our suggestion?  Unless there’s a compelling reason, start with .com.   As the most popular domain, it can be sometimes be difficult to find your desired name available, but if it is, you are golden.

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