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.me - Not them, but you.

The .me domain TLD is all about you. Whatever you want it to be. We've also successfully seen this used for service-based businesses, for instance wash.me would be a great domain for a car wash!

Type: Country-code TLD
Introduced: 2006
Sponsoring Organization: Government of Montenegro
DNSSEC Available: Yes
ID Protection Available: Yes
More Information: Details Page @ IANA

Register your own .ME domain

.me TLD Pricing

Registrations: $30.49 USD per year
Renewals: $30.49 USD per year
Transfers: $30.49 USD per year

Length: 30 days
Cost to Restore: $0.00 USD

Grace Fees, if applicable, are in addition to the standard renewal rate.

Length: 30 days
Cost To Redeem: $91.50 USD
Redemption Fees, if applicable, are in addition to the standard renewal rate.

Not sure if a .me domain name is exactly what you are looking for? With over 400 domain name TLDs available for registration, there is something for everyone.

Included With Every .me Domain Name Registration

Free DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Free email forwarders allow you to automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.

Our free Domain Theft Protection system allows you to lock your domain at the registrar level, keeping it from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission.

Use our intuitive client portal allows you to quickly and easily manage your domain name.

Frequently Asked Questions About .ME Registrations

If a domain is not renewed before its expiration date, it will be suspended by the registrar, breaking any email and web traffic destined to the domain.

There is a 30 day Grace Period during which the original registrant may renew their expired domain for the normal renewal price.

At this point the domain enters a 30 day Redemption Period. During this time the the domain may still be renewed by the original registrant, but the process is longer, more involved, and more costly. The normal price of the renewal plus a $91.50 USD Redemption Fee is required to restore the domain.

After this period, the domain will go into a 'Pending Delete' stage, the length of time of which varies per TLD, after which the domain will become available for anyone to register.

Of course you can. You can initiate a .ME domain transfer directly from our ordering system.

The .ME TLD supports WHOIS Privacy Protection, you will be able to add this optional service during your registration checkout.

Clients are able to renew their registrations via the client portal at any time.

Our system will being sending renewal reminders 45 days before a domain expiration date.

In addition, provided we have a valid payment method on file for you, and you have not elected to disable the auto-renew function of your domain registration, we will attempt to process the renewal for you automatically on your expiration date.

While we'd love to provide both your domain registration and your web hosting, you are always free to choose seperate providers for each. You'll just need to point your domain to nameservers your provider gives you.

.ME Domain Name Registrations

$30.49 per year on new registrations.

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