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Why is SSL Important?

Security Sockets Layer (SSL) provides end-to-end encryption of data transmitted between your site and its visitors.  Encryption keeps prying eyes from being able to see any data sent back and forth.

Initially, SSL was only used for sensitive data.  Namely, for online banking and eCommerce sites.  As awareness grew of behavior such as  snooping on open wireless networks in coffee shops and hotels, the importance of protecting more data, such as social media logins increased and SSL became more widespread.

Additionally, whether or not your web site has an SSL certificate could impact its search engine rankings, and the browser warnings that may appear on sites not utilizing SSL have increased its importance.

Subsequently, it is now common to find personal blogs and small businesses seeking to secure their web sites with SSL certificates.

As the demand for security continues to grow, utilizing SSL encryption on your web site can provide a level of comfort and reputability that puts visitors at ease.

AutoSSL to the Rescue With Free Certificates

AutoSSL via our web hosting dashboard, cPanel, makes certificate management and renewal easy

Every cPanel hosting account we provide comes with AutoSSL enabled by default.  Every website you host on your account will automatically be secured with a free Domain Validated SSL certificate.   The certificates are automatically renewed and updated as needed, making the process as worry-free as possible.

Need Greater Protection?

Our free AutoSSL maintained certificates are issued by cPanel under the COMODO CA trust-chain.

Need Extended Validation (EV) for your web site, or have a regulatory or compliance requirement for an SSL Certificate that provides a warranty to protect your transactions?  We can help here too.  While each of our hosting accounts comes with AutoSSL free of charge, we also offer a selection of competitively priced SSL Certificates from other reputable authorities.

Either Way, We Can Help

Web Hosting with Free SSL

Starting @$5.95 /per month

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Commercial CA Issued SSL Certificates

Starting @ $17.95 /per year

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