Why SSL is Important

SSL provides for end-to-end encryption of the data transmitted between your site and your visitors, keeping prying eyes along the way from being able to see the data that is sent back and forth.

Initially SSL was primarily used only in eCommerce and banking situations, where the security of the data (credit card numbers, account login details) warranted a certain level of healthy paranoia.

Then as people became aware of the security implications of shared network design (for instance, the ability to ‘snoop’ traffic on wireless networks in coffee-shops), the importance of protecting even more basic things such as social media logins, SSL became more widespread.

Add in ongoing questions about the affect of your site being available over https impacting things such as Search Engine Rankings and browser warnings, and suddenly it’s not uncommon to find even personal blogs and standard storefront websites abandoning plaintext http in favor of secure https over SSL.

SSL is not Fun

Historically managing SSL is not a fun process.

First you have to figure out how to generate a Certificate Signing Request, then find a certificate issuer, wade through the various types of certificates they over (Domain Validated, Enhanced Validation, Wildcard, Single-URL, various levels of ‘trust’, etc), all at widely varying price points.

Then, once you wade through all the marketing speak and jargon, you buy the cert, and you have to get it installed on your site.  Then in a year, you go through the process all over again when the certificate expires.

AutoSSL to the Rescue With Free Certificates

AutoSSL via cPanel makes all that pain a non-issue.

Ever hosting account we provision comes with AutoSSL enabled by default.  Every website URL you host on your account will automatically be enabled for https, secured with a free, Domain Validated SSL certificate.   And the certificates will be automatically renewed and updated as needed, so you simply don’t have to worry about it ever again.

Need Greater Protection?

Our free AutoSSL maintained SSL certificates are issued by cPanel, and issued under the COMODO CA trust-chain.

But maybe you want a “EV Green Bar” experience for your web visitors, or perhaps you have a regulatory or compliance situation that requires you to utilize an SSL Certificate that provides an SSL Warranty in order to protect your visitors.

We can help there too.  While every one of our hosting accounts comes with AutoSSL free of charge, we also offer a selection of competitively priced SSL Certificates from other reputable SSL Certificate Authorities.

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