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Starting and running your own small business is tough enough without the hassles and headache that can come from choosing the wrong hosting provider.  Pure Energy Systems is proud to offer the quality support, reliable infrastructure, and ease of use you need to painlessly develop and deploy your website without all the hassle.  Our services are designed to enable you to extend the marketing reach of your business, acquire new customers, and present your best face to the online world while maximizing the value of your budget dollars.

When you trust us with your web-hosting service, our team takes care of all the little things behind the scenes, so you can focus your efforts and attention on what matters, your business and your own customers.

Why Choose Pure Energy Systems for Small Business

Free PlayStations. Unlimited Everything. Sweepstakes Drawings.

Over the years we've seen a number of marketing fads come and go in the web hosting marketplace. We've never been one for the latest fad, we've always simply focused on providing the most reliable and dependable service for our clients.

Sixteen years.

That's how long we've been offering Shared Linux Web Hosting to the world at large. Much has changed in that amount of time, the Internet has grown up around us, Social Media has come to the forefront, and technologies have changed. But our commitment to providing reliable, quality service in a sustainable matter has never wavered. Some of our earliest clients from the early days are still with us today, and we value their input and suggestions as much today as we did then.

In Search Engine Optimization circles, there's an old adage:"Write quality content for people, and the visitors will come."
We've always taken a similar approach to our business. Offer a quality service, put your customers first, and the revenue will come. Word of mouth from happy clients is our #1 method of marketing propulsion, and we do everything in our power to help continue to push it along.

Included With Every Account

Our client portal gives you quick and easy access to everything related to your account. And with cPanel for direct control of your site, life couldn’t be easier.

The Fantastico F3 script installer, available to all accounts, puts hundreds of web scripts at your disposal for easy installation into your account, with no coding experience required.

Automatically provisioned and managed domain validated, RSA 2048 bit signed SSL certificates for every site hosted on your account.

We want you as a client because you like our services, not because of long term contracts, or feeling ‘stuck’. We offer no long term contracts and a 28 day money back guarantee on all new accounts.

Built On The Software You Need

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sorry to hear that. Our first response would be, please let us know what we can do to make your experience more enjoyable. But if for any reason you're just not happy, don't worry, we have a standard 28 day money back guarantee on our hosting services, and since we don't believe in long term contracts, you can cancel at any time with no large sunken costs.

Unfortuently we are not equipped or staffed to be masters of all things Small Business. If you are having an issue or difficulty with a specific Small Business plugin or anything related to the internals of Small Business, we'll do our absolute best to help you verify it's not a configuration or environmental issue with our servers that is causing the issue, but in general we can not provide direct, 'in the weeds' support for Small Business itself. That said, we're geeks at heart, and sometimes we'll go a little deeper to help a client determine whats going on; after all, we're geeks at heart, and sometimes a tough problem is fun to figure out.

We won't lie, the web can be a dangerous place.

Bad actors are continuously looking for exploitable holes in the most popular web application scripts. What we can control is the server infrastructure and our platform.

Provided you stay up to date with the most recent pathces and security bulletins for your Small Business installation, you can rest easy that our baseline security posture is designed to keep the bad actors out of your site.

All of our shared hosting plans can be easily up or downgraded as needed from within our client portal.

Our Most Popular Small Business Friendly Plans

$5.95 month

Linux Bronze

  • Disk Space: 800MB
  • Bandwidth: 16GB
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$14.95 month

Linux Silver

  • Disk Space: 3072MB
  • Bandwidth: 60GB
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$29.95 month

Linux Gold

  • Disk Space: 8192MB
  • Bandwidth: 160GB
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Low Cost Linux Web Hosting

No contracts, no committments, just quality.

The Fine Print

Shared Linux Hosting accounts are perfect for the large majority of websites. If however your site is massive in size or scope, or has unique processing needs, a standard shared account may not be appropriate. If you have concerns or have encountered issues before placing your site on shared hosting, please talk to our sales team about your specific needs. We've been able to cost effectively help many clients who encountered "resource problems" with other hosting providers.

Don't have a domain name yet for your site? We can help there too.

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