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    17 Oct 2018

    What is a domain “grace period” and “redemption period”?

    If for whatever reason your domain registration is not properly renewed in time, on your registration expiration date, your domain will begin an automated journey that, if not stopped, will end with it becoming available for other people to register.

    On its expiration day, your domain will enter the “Grace Period”.  During this time your domain will no longer properly resolve or function, but it is still actionable by us and easily renewable by you.  Each TLD sets the rules for its’ own grace period, but most TLDs at this time charge no additional charge beyond the regular renewal fee, and have a 30 day grace period.

    At the end of the Grace Period, if the renewal still has not going through, your domain will be deleted at the registry level, and we lose the ability to easily return it to service, but it is not yet available for other people to register.  This is known as the “Redemption Period”.   To restore a domain during this window there is significantly more work and fees involved.  The length of the Redemption Period and the associated Restore fee is set by each TLD registrar, but in general the fees are 5 to 10x the normal registration/renewal costs.

    Letting a desired domain slip into a grace or redemption period can be a troublesome and expensive proposition, and we recommend ensuring you have properly setup auto-renewal for domains you value.

    04 Feb 2018
    04 Feb 2018

    Do I have to register/transfer my domain to you in order to use your hosting service?

    Not at all. You can register your domain name with any one of the domain registrars that are available on the net.  In order to make the most of our web hosting services, you will need to be able to ‘point’ your domain name to our nameservers, which will be provided to you in your welcome email when  you signup for hosting.   (To be fair, you can also keep your domain zone hosted elsewhere and utilize manual DNS entries, but that comes with some limitations and is outside the scope of this FAQ file)

    04 Feb 2018

    What is domain auto-renewal, and how does it work?

    Auto Renewal is for the convenience of having us renew your domains for you automatically within your account.

    We use the credit card that we have on file when you registered the domain to attempt to renew your domain registration prior to it’s expiration.  You can toggle Auto-Renew on or off for any domains within your account via our client portal.

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