04 Feb 2018
    04 Feb 2018
    04 Feb 2018

    How long of a contract do I have to sign up for?

    All of our web hosting plans are based on a month to month agreement. We do not believe in locking our clients into year long pre-paid contracts; we believe that if we do our job and provide good service, clients will continue to use us month after month without needing to feel ‘stuck’.


    04 Feb 2018

    What are your nameservers for hosting clients?

    For shared linux hosting services featuring cPanel, the recommended nameservers for all clients to use are:

    ns3.purenrg.com (
    ns4.purenrg.com (

    Clients of course can also utilize outside nameservers for their domains, but these two nameservers are the only ones automatically linked into any changes you make to your cpanel account.  For instance, if you add a new subdomain to your cpanel account, these nameservers will be updated with the new information automatically. However, if you use a different, third party nameserver, you will have to update the zone files on that server accordingly.

    04 Feb 2018

    Do you offer any unlimited bandwidth or disk space accounts?

    No, we do not. “Unlimited Bandwidth” as sold by some other hosting providers is a falsehood. There is no such thing as an “Unlimited Bandwidth” connection to the Internet. Even when you are buying high-volume connectivity within a large datacenter, there is a limit to how much data can be ‘stuffed’ down that circuit in a month. Thus bandwidth does cost money, the more one uses, the more one has to pay to maintain the infrastructure they use.

    Many “unlimited” hosts sell their accounts with the logic that most folks will never use more then a trickle of bandwidth per month for their accounts. And the folks who actually have busy sites and start to take advantage of those “unlimited” accounts? Well, before your sign up with any “unlimited” host, do yourself a favor and read their Terms of Service very carefully, many times you’ll find a loophole that allows the host to bill you an enormous fee for “overages”, or terminate your account if they deem your site to be using too much bandwidth, or if your content doesn’t meet their ‘requirements’ as to the types of files you can host in the account.

    But wait, it’s “unlimited”, right?

    04 Feb 2018

    What is an email auto-responder, and how can I set one up?

    You can use an autoresponder to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a certain e-mail address on your account. This can be useful for times when you are on vacation or unavailable, or if you have a generic message that you wish to send in response to an inquiry: for instance, you may have a generic sales@yourdomain autoresponder that lets the person know you will answer their question as soon as possible, and providing alternate contact information.

    Autoresponders can be setup in cPanel via the “Mail -> Autoresponders” section.

    04 Feb 2018

    Can custom MX records be set for my domain?

    I want to use Google’s Gmail for my domain to handle my e-mail, but leave my website hosted with Pure Energy, they tell me I need to change my MX records for my domain, how is this done?

    MX records in your domain tell the rest of the internet where to deliver email destined for your domain. By default these records (on our nameservers) are setup to point to the server that hosts your account with us. If you wish to setup custom MX records for your domain, for instance, to point your emails someplace else (be it Google’s Gmail system, an exchange server at your office, or anywhere else) you just need to know the server addresses where your mail should be sent, and can change the MX records for your domain via cPanel, in the “Mail -> MX Entry” section.

    Please keep in mind that if you remove the default MX entry, or add new ones, we (and therefore cPanel) can no longer manage the email accounts, filter rules, or spam filtering for those mailboxes; those features will need to be managed wherever you are pointing your mail going forward (Gmail, Exchanges, etc)

    04 Feb 2018

    Can I access my email via my iPhone or Android Device?

    Yes.  Almost any mobile device capable of sending/receiving mail should support the standard IMAP and SMTP protocols.  Using mail account displayed inside your cPanel account, you can connect from any modern internet mail enabled device.

    (Data usage rates may apply, please check with  your mobile carrier for details)

    04 Feb 2018

    Can I compress my content using mod_deflate or mod_gzip?

    All of our shared linux web hosting accounts support web page compression using Apache’s mod_deflate module. mod_deflate is the compression module included with Apache v2.x to replace the older mod_gzip used in Apache 1.x systems.

    mod_deflate allows the server to compress the output of your web pages before sending them to the the web browser, allowing for faster page load times and reducing the bandwidth usage of your account. To enable the use of mod_deflate on your account you can do so from within cPanel under “Optimize Website”. Available options are “Disabled” (the default), “Compress all Content”, and “Compress the specified MIME types”, which allows you to then specific which types of content you want compressed.

    Please remember that some web applications may take advantage of compression already on their own (For instance, PHPi scripts may make use of the gzip module for PHP to compress output before sending it to Apache), so you may not want to turn it on from inside of cPanel without checking for this first.

    04 Feb 2018

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