04 Feb

Can custom MX records be set for my domain?

I want to use Google’s Gmail for my domain to handle my e-mail, but leave my website hosted with Pure Energy, they tell me I need to change my MX records for my domain, how is this done?

MX records in your domain tell the rest of the internet where to deliver email destined for your domain. By default these records (on our nameservers) are setup to point to the server that hosts your account with us. If you wish to setup custom MX records for your domain, for instance, to point your emails someplace else (be it Google’s Gmail system, an exchange server at your office, or anywhere else) you just need to know the server addresses where your mail should be sent, and can change the MX records for your domain via cPanel, in the “Mail -> MX Entry” section.

Please keep in mind that if you remove the default MX entry, or add new ones, we (and therefore cPanel) can no longer manage the email accounts, filter rules, or spam filtering for those mailboxes; those features will need to be managed wherever you are pointing your mail going forward (Gmail, Exchanges, etc)