04 Feb

Can I compress my content using mod_deflate or mod_gzip?

All of our shared linux web hosting accounts support web page compression using Apache’s mod_deflate module. mod_deflate is the compression module included with Apache v2.x to replace the older mod_gzip used in Apache 1.x systems.

mod_deflate allows the server to compress the output of your web pages before sending them to the the web browser, allowing for faster page load times and reducing the bandwidth usage of your account. To enable the use of mod_deflate on your account you can do so from within cPanel under “Optimize Website”. Available options are “Disabled” (the default), “Compress all Content”, and “Compress the specified MIME types”, which allows you to then specific which types of content you want compressed.

Please remember that some web applications may take advantage of compression already on their own (For instance, PHP scripts may make use of the gzip module for PHP to compress output before sending it to Apache), so you may not want to turn it on from inside of cPanel without checking for this first.