04 Feb

I need a specific PHP, Perl, Node.js or Python module. Can you install that?

Our Linux servers come with a wide variety of perl modules, and php extensions already installed system-wide by default.

If your site requires access to a perl or python module that is not already installed on the server, you can now install modules from CPAN or the Python Package Index directly into your account from within the cPanel interface.

For Perl Modules: Under “Software” you will see an icon for “Perl Modules.” Clicking this icon will take you to the Perl module installer, where you can install a perl module directly from CPAN.

For Python Modules:  Under “Software”, where you “Setup Python App”, there is a text box where you can add additional python modules into your application’s virtual environment.

For Node.js Modules:  By placing a package.json file into your Node.js application folder, you can utilize NPM to automatically download and install required modules.

If you require a PHP extension that is not currently available via this method, please open a support ticket and someone will work with you to get the module installed.