04 Feb

What is suPHP, and how does it affect my site?

suPHP does for PHP Scripts what SuExec does for Perl files, that is, it makes them run under your specific user account, as opposed to the Apache user account. This allows us to better monitor the resource usage of accounts, as well as track down runaway script files with greater ease. Also, it gives you the benefit of all your php scripts running ‘in’ your account. For some PHP applications, such as PHPWebSite, this is a great help because now when you create files/folders from inside the script, they will be owned properly by your account and not the generic Apache user account.

The installation documentation of some php scripts will state that you should set the owner of the scripts as “nobody:nobody” or “apache:apache.” Because of our use of suPHP, this is not the case. All files contained within your account (including php scripts) should be left as owned by your account.