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An overview on how to create and manage your email accounts from with cPanel.

Manging Email Accounts in cPanel Step By Step

  1. Log in to cPanel
    First you'll need to log into cPanel. If needed, we have a video for that as well.
  2. Click Email Accounts Icon
    Scroll down to the section of the interface marked 'Email', then click on the 'E-mail accounts' icon.
  3. Enter the email username
    In the first box, enter the name or email username you wish to create.
  4. Select the domain
    The domain drop down allows you to select which domain from this cPanel account you wish to create the email account on.
  5. Enter a Password
    In the 'Password' field, enter the password you want to use for this email account.
  6. Confirm the Password
    In the 'Password (again)' field, enter your chosen password a second time.
  7. (Optional) Password Generator
    Clicking the password generator button will bring up the cPanel Password generator, allowing you to generate a secure, random password using a number of options to meet any password complexity requirements.
  8. Set Mailbox Quota
    The Mailbox Quota section allows you to set a quota (storage limit) for the email account.
  9. Submit
    Click the 'Create Account' button to finalize your choices and create the email account.

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